Change is possible: it’s time to work together and demand it.

If you’ve already raised your voice for the right of every child and young person to be free, safe, and educated by taking the pledge, thank you!

Here you can take the next step towards ending exclusion by becoming an active member of the movement.


With your help, the 100 Million campaign is building a global youth movement calling for an end to injustice for young people. The world has enough money, and governments know the policies that will ensure all children are free, safe and educated.

This campaign is yours to lead, in the places and communities you know best. Anyone up to the age of 25* can be a youth activist in the movement, and information, tools, and support are available to help you.

Sign up to start a group at your school or university, and we will send you materials and resources to give you everything you need to take the next step.

You can also download our interest packs below to find out more about starting a group:



If you are not in education, you can form a community group; use the CAMPUS GROUP INTEREST PACK as your starting point.

* If you are aged 12 or younger, we are unable to record your pledge online due to international regulations to protect your rights and safety. We’re sorry! However, you can download the School Group Interest Pack and speak to your friends, family, and teachers about setting up a group with their support.


100 Million aims to be driven by young activists worldwide acting to ensure their rights to freedom, safety, and education are delivered. If you are over the age of 25 and want to support the movement, you can take the following actions:

Take the pledge: once you have taken the pledge, we will provide updates, solidarity actions, and resources to you. For teachers and decision-makers, specific resources will also be sent to you identifying ways you can support or galvanise action with young people.

Take online action: you can show your solidarity with the campaign and the movement by sharing information and resources on your social media.