“Tender hands and pristine hearts, slender bodies and dreaming minds….but enslaved in the chains of labour and abuse.”

The inhumane world is buried in darkness, the future of millions of children, and has shattered the lives of the innocent young ones using the weapons of cruelty and abuse.

There exist several dusty stories behind the closed doors which hide tears and pain of exploitation. However, to drive them out from the state of despair, one has to realise the main cause behind such acts.

According to a nationwide survey (please cite the source?) in India, poverty, the lack of educational facilities, economic inequality and unfair practises like bonded labour which are still prevalent in several parts of the nation, are the major factors that have led to a hampered mental, physical and intellectual growth of our children. The abuse comes in various forms, and crawls like an evil, slowly establishing an institution of unfair practices affecting the child emotionally and substantially corroding their growth.

This deprivation of freedom and liberty has to come to an end, and for that the nation has to stand together to help the upcoming younger generation to shine brighter and ensure that they retain their basic rights and have access to the relevant amenities and infrastructure.