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December 2016

Child sexual abuse: On parents and demons

  • 19th December 2016

We were sipping our drinks, Jo and I, on a cold winter’s eve. The bar was empty save for the Australian... Continue Reading

From rag picker to diploma holder to eloquent speaker to international traveler

  • 19th December 2016

It was February 2012, when I met Anil for the first time.  My employer, Vodafone, had placed me at an NGO... Continue Reading

What are your childhood memories like?

  • 15th December 2016

What do you remember the clearest from your childhood? Is it playing around with your friends, making up new games and... Continue Reading

My dear Delhi, I love you, but what about consent?

  • 15th December 2016

Dilli, tu meri jaan (“Delhi, you are my love” in Hindi). You are a chaos and madness that dances in a... Continue Reading