Dilli, tu meri jaan (“Delhi, you are my love” in Hindi). You are a chaos and madness that dances in a rhythm of love and hatred, friendship and animosity, richness and poverty, over working and over relaxing, over eating and over starving, splendour and dullness. You are everything in one. You know, Dilli (“Delhi” in Hindi), you are like the first days of God’s creation when everything was still in one body, without a definite form. And you are me. I am crazy about you right now, ’cause, baby, you got me, you got me so crazy, baby. I even can put on an orange dress as Beyonce and sing that to you. But it will expose my body, and I am not sure about it.

You know, meri jaan (“my love” in Hindi), there is one thing I do not like about you. Whenever I try to melt into you, you claim my body. I lose control over it and I do hate it. Whenever my female body floats in your streets, bazaars, cafes or bars, I lose possession of it – I feel everyone else has a right to it but me. Dilli, and you know that I am as good as those politicians shouting on a TV asks me to be and those police of officers demands on their brochures – I am not wearing any revealing clothes, and that is why Beyonce’s dress would make me so unsure and uncomfortable. As a submissive lover, I allow you to police my body which, I know, I should resist if I want to be equal to you and claim my body back. But I clad up, hide my ankles and my wrists, button up my shirt so high that I can hardly breathe, because I love you and I can sacrifice. But, baby, you’re making a fool of me. Whenever I walk into the tube my body is being touched by someone I do not know. Whenever I walk in a bar my body is being scanned by any random person who is standing next to the bar and I feel naked. Whenever I sit in a rickshaw and my body is being spoken to in an inappropriate way because my body alludes to the last pornographic movie seen.

You call me madam, but you treat me as an attractive piece to bang. Bang and Bang. But darling, I want you, baby, just care for me and ask if I want any of it. Even if I am sometimes tipsy or drunk, I still want you to ask me. Even if I am asleep or unconscious from intoxication, I still want you to ask me. Because my body is MY body, not yours and you have to wait till I say YES. And I know there are so many young women and girls, young men and boys who love you but who nevertheless want you to ask for consent. Ask, jaan, ask! But wait a minute, Dilli, do you know what is consent at all? I sometimes think that you might not. Here you go, my darling, a beautiful video that will explain you about consent. Believe me it is not a rocket science, it is like making a cup of tea:

You know, mote (“fatty” in Hindi), what makes me sad the most? I know that I am a grown up woman who can make myself heard. I can fight for myself, even if you don’t like it. Even if I am in love with you, I can fight you, because I can gather my all strength and claim my body back! I have enough of power to claim it back and hurt you for revenge! I can hate you because I can always move back to my homeland. I can shut the door in front of your face. But how many who cannot? Young women and men, vulnerable adults and most important your children.  Dilli¸ you are a shelter to them but you are an insecure one. You are demanding and you are trying to claim the right towards everyone’s bodies. That makes me sad the most. You forget to protect them all, particularly children. They belong to you, they are so good to you,  and you fail to protect them. They are being abused and raped. If you fail to protect them all, why don’t you teach them to protect themselves?  I’ve just taught you about consent why don’t  you teach your children about consent as well. Children are technology savvy nowadays. Why don’t you show this video to them:

Dilli, I love you, please love me and everyone back. But remember, our almost unconditional love has one condition – ask for consent whenever you want to claim our bodies and we will remain faithful to you.