We are committed to supporting campaigners who have taken the pledge and want to take action for young people’s rights. We do this by providing information and tools to increase your knowledge and understanding of the issues, helping you to raise awareness in your communities, and  to effect change with decision-makers.


Once you take the pledge, you will receive regular action packs, which are divided into four sections: Know, Connect, Mobilise, Influence.

  • Know: provides an introduction to the month’s topic and signposts to further information.
  • Connect: an activity to help campaigners reach out to others and widen the network of people working on the issue.
  • Mobilise: an activity to raise awareness – in a school/university community, local community, or online community – and inspire people to take action.
  • Influence: a tool and information on how you can make specific demands for change, and appeal to decision-makers to act.


International Women’s Day

If every girl was able to realise her basic rights, all of our communities could be transformed. This pack supports you to take action for the millions of girls trapped in child labour and excluded from education.

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International Day of the Child

A short introductory pack to help you set up a campaign group and take a simple action to raise awareness of children’s rights.


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End Child Labour

Learn more about child labour, how it impacts the lives of the millions of children who are forced into work, and get some ideas on actions you can take to inspire people in your networks to help end it.

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Education Financing

Education is the building block which helps everyone to enjoy their rights – yet hundreds of millions of children are still locked out of the classroom, often due to the lack of investment made by governments. This pack provides some ideas on how to lobby your government to fund education.

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Child Trafficking

Child trafficking  – when children are taken from their homes for the purpose of explotiation – violates many different youth rights at the same time. This pack provides information on children who are most at risk of being trafficked, what can happen to them, and how you can raise awareness about this phenomenon.

Download in English and Español.



Children on the Move

The number of refugees, asylum-seekers and people displaced within their own countries because of wars, violence and natural disasters more than tripled between 2005 and 2016. Children and young people are especially vulnerable in these situations. This action pack explains more about the reasons children are forced to leave their homes, schools, and communities, and provides activists with ideas on how to support them.

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Keep Your Education Promises

All children should receive free, good quality education as a basic human right and almost all leaders have committed to this. Yet these promises are rarely kept: 263 million children are not in school, and 617 million cannot read at all. This pack provides you with ways you can help ensure that all children receive the education they are entitled to.

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Violence in the Community

We all have the the right to peace and security, but at least one young person is violently killed every seven minutes. This pack provides activists with ways to open their communities’ eyes to the violence faced by young people and to campaign to stop this injustice.

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