We believe that no young person should be excluded from our society without access to resources, freedom, justice or education. We will not stop until they are all in, and every young person is free, safe, and educated.

We do this by supporting citizens at local and national levels to make the following demands of their governments:

FREE from child slavery, child labour and child trafficking:

  • Implement laws, fully fund programmes and enforce mechanisms which eliminate child slavery, child trafficking and child labour including the worst forms.
  • All businesses eliminate child labour in their supply chains, households eliminate domestic child labour
  • The abolition of child marriage in law and in practice.

SAFE in a just and sustainable world:

  • End violence against children, with all children protected from abuse and rehabilitation for any young people who have suffered violence.
  • Reduce the number of young people whose lives are ruined by conflict, inequality and environmental injustice.
  • Protect schools as safe spaces and support young people affected by war and the refugee crisis.

EDUCATED so every child learns in school and decides their own future:

  • Quality Basic Education, Health and Water in every community with accountability to ensure access for all communities and full funding to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Ensure food security and end family poverty that is so extreme children have to work to survive by providing basic support for the most marginalised families when their children go to school.
  • Ensure all young people, particularly girls and young women are aware of their rights and able to realise them.

If you are interested in joining the campaign, you can get involved here.