The 100 Million campaign is committed to fighting for the rights of all children to be free, safe and educated, and will continue to do so during this public health emergency where the most marginalised are likely to be disproportionately affected. In times of new emergencies, decision-makers often lose sight of existing emergencies, such as the 258 million children not accessing school, or the 152 million children in child labour. It’s important that we continue to hold leaders to account on their commitment to enabling the world’s most marginalised children to access their rights, so their needs aren’t further deprioritised. 100 Million is working on ways to support you to keep up the fight for justice for every child, even when our freedom of movement has been restricted to halt the pandemic.

Justice for Every Child: COVID-19 and the world's most marginalised children


COVID-19 has affected almost every country in the world, and nobody will feel the worst of its impact as painfully as the world’s most marginalised young people.

Children living in hard-to-reach villages, children in informal ‘slum’ settlements, children forced to work, children on the move - all of them and more will experience both immediate and longer-term suffering if the world does not act now. 

Through the JUSTICE FOR EVERY CHILD campaign, 100 Million is working with its partners and international network of youth activists to call on the international community to provide immediate action for marginalised children and young people. 



100 Million Activists' Film Club

FILM CLUBThe 100 Million team is hosting a series of weekly online sessions for youth activists, during a time when social life and activist work have been disrupted by COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty. This series of informal sessions will create a regular moment in time where activists can come together for social connection, engagement, learning, and support.

The sessions will focus on A Force More Powerful, a series of six short films about the use of non-violence to achieve political change in different contexts around the world. Here is a community resource on the series. 




Each session will include: 

  • Spotlight on an activist: someone from our network will introduce themselves and the social justice work they are doing.
  • Pre-session prep: you will be asked to prepare something easy in advance of each session to share with the group and to keep up motivation and participation, for example an object from home which symbolises activism/resistance for them, or an inspiring book or story you've recently read.
  • Film screening: we will watch the short film together using a shared screening tool.
  • Group discussion about the film.
  • Activism Clinic: you can raise an issue you're dealing with, and invite advice and support from others in the network.

The Activists' Film Club will initially be held in English, although the films are available in several different languages. We are working on hosting the club in other languages in future.

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Tell your story about the impact of COVID-19


Although governments are working to protect citizens from the worst impacts of coronavirus and COVID-19, injustice for the world's most marginalised children, like child labourers, out-of-school children, children in schools with poor or no sanitation, children living in extreme poverty, and children fleeing conflict or disaster, has not gone away. In fact, they are the least likely to have access to the public services needed to protect them and their families from contracting or managing the disease.

We’re keen to hear from you about the impact that COVID-19 is having on your activism and on the most marginalised children in your community. For example, is your government putting measures in place to combat the pandemic which are practical for everyone? Have food shortages become more acute for marginalised children? Are parents losing their jobs due to a lockdown? You can send us your story – in writing or as a video message – by contacting us at, or by joining one of our activists' WhatsApp groups. 

Read about the situation for children in Mathare, Kenya

Inspire activists with your work

LIBERIA MARCH GROUPWe want to support youth activists all over the world to take action for the world's most marginalised children, and there's no better way to do that than to learn more about the young people who are already campaigning and taking action in their communities. If you're working on a campaign, or you've already taken some action, let us know what you're doing, how you're doing it, any results you've had, and what you've learned from the experience so far. Your story could inspire thousands of other young people around the world to do the same, and have a huge impact on delivering the rights to freedom, safety, and education for every child.

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Campaign with your decision-makers

GIRL WRITING smlEven if you can't hold a march, a rally, or even a school assembly to raise awareness of the injustices facing marginalised children, you can still demand action by contacting your decision-maker by letter, email or even on social media. Many of you will still be in touch with friends using apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and other resources, and you can use these to get together online to discuss who you want to target, and what you will be demanding. You can learn more about the different issues faced by marginalised children by looking through our resources, and included in these are ideas and template letters for you to use when writing to your decision-makers. You can also join 100 Million activists who are working on some advocacy campaigns which are directly related to the current pandemic.

Child refugees in Europe     All 100 Million resources

Start a community group

GROUP CHATThe 100 Million campaign for a free, safe, and educated world is yours to lead, in the places and communities you know best. If you are aged 25 or under you can start a community action group and hold your discussions online using a communications app or social media, if you're unable to meet in person during the pandemic.  

Once you register we will send you step-by-step resources to help inspire your activism as well as connecting you with other young people demanding change across the world.

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