International Human Rights Day 2021 marks 100 Million's fifth anniversary. Together, we've built a strong, global youth-led movement, united in solidarity to demand that every child and young person is free, safe and educated. 


Since 10 December 2021, over a million youth activists have come together to support the 100 Million campaign. Together, we have marched, rallied, chanted, written, and spoken up for the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children and young people in over 90 countries. We have engaged over 3,000 decision-makers, and partnered with over 160 youth- student- and survivor-led organisations, representing over 100 million young people across the world.

And we are making a difference.


From young people in Sweden successfully advocating for their government to increase their global education funding by over 30%; survivor-led action across India fighting for an end to child-trafficking; to the world's largest student representative bodies coming together to demand Justice for Every Child during COVID-19, young people have demonstrated time and time again the power in refusing to be silent while the rights of your peers are denied.

Now more than ever, youth activists and youth-led organisations must maintain pressure. With enormous thanks to our friends and partners across civil society for their solidarity in creating space for youth voices, it is time for young people to take their rightful seat at the table. Representative and genuinely youth-led organisations must be given the microphone. All of us who are part of the 100 Million movement will continue to create these spaces, and to ensure that mandated young people are representing the hundreds of millions of children who are yet to realise their rights to freedom, safety, and education. 

We have created a snapshot of the work we have achieved together over the last five years. Thank you for your solidarity - our story continues!




Watch some of our activism highlights over the past five years.

What have we achieved in five years? A snapshot

The 100 Million network has grown from 6000 young marchers in India to representing over 100 million young people.

100 Million's Five Year Timeline

View the timeline of the work of our network 2016-2021.

CASE STUDY: 2017, Sweden: Back to School

Youth activists in Sweden launch a campaign to increase global education financing.

CASE STUDY: 2018-2019, Germany: When Will Every Child Have Justice?

In Germany, 100 Million activists fight for a law to end child labour in German supply chains.

CASE STUDY: 2020, Kenya: Justice for Every Child

Youth-led coalition campaigns for justice for marginalised children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CASE STUDY: 2021, Tanzania: Fair Share to End Child Labour

In the Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, survivors and activists lead the way in Tanzania.

CASE STUDY: 2021, India: Umbrellas for Everyone, Everywhere

Child labour survivors and youth activists across India demand social protection for children.