The Swedish 100 Million campaign organises a discussion with students on child labour.

Youth activists who have joined the 100 Million campaign in Sweden came together for a preview screening of The Price of Free along with Kailash Satyarthi, and took the opportunity to ask questions on how they can campaign to end child labour.

100 Million Sweden national planning group members Lärarförbundet and Lärarnas riksförbund (teachers' unions), BRIS (NGO), and student organisations Sveriges elevråd and Sveriges elevkårer organised the event in Stockholm, with schools from different parts of Sweden attending.

What I have learned from my fight for education, my fight against child labour: young people are the biggest part. A new world can only be built by you, who have more passion, bigger dreams - dreams for everyone.
Kailash Satyarthi during the event in Stockholm

100 Million Sweden is also campaigning this year for young refugee students, recently resettled in Sweden, to get their right to free, quality education.